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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

Yea - we got a couple threads running here already on time concerns. Yourself, currently being solo, are naturally likely to have more time you are going to want to invest in this. It may not be viable for everyone. Get used to this aspect ! Until you have had MUCH more time to integrate each other into the other's daily lives this can generate more conflict than it deserves. Be patient, be creative and work for closeness and integration. If you can move that forward some of the time constraints will disappear of their own accord. Until that happens try to be patient. It's hard-yes-I know. But being unreasonable and demanding will only create conflict.
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Well luckily I don't see myself as an unreasonable or demanding person. In fact, I'm more likely to go the other way....think more of others wants and needs and not speak up and ask for what I want/need. I don't want to be at that end of the continuum either as that's not healthy. So, I'm struggling a bit to try and find what is "reasonable" to want or expect, particularly in a poly relationship where time constraints are very real and can get even more complicated with mutiple people's schedules, demands, wants, etc. That's why there's still some question in my mind about whether poly and I are a good fit, particularly if I were to remain mono within the poly relationship. But since I really like and love my couple I'm willing to move closer and see if that helps. I just know that without them in my life there'd be a big empty place in my heart.
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