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no, offending was not the MO, hence me saying I could be wrong, I was simply thinking aloud. And being bi doesn't mean you need a relationship with both, just means you're attracted to both. I mean I'm gay and single, doesn't mean I'm asexual until I get in a relationship, I still like guys-if that makes sense.
again i was only making a suggestion, one I could not fully explain because I'm typing with a psp and have a limited character count per message, and I try not to post multiple comments.

but to save space, what I neglected to add was that I'd mentioned the 'flexible' label because I know many people who reluctantly identified as bi who felt that flexible was a more accurate label, even if still not completely how they felt. I intended to ask you to look it up and see if it didnt sound more familiar than simply bi, then add at the end that "I could be wrong (but just trying to help) "

but yeah... that didnt fit, sorry :P
When one limits themselves in terms of love, they have missed the point of love altogether ~ RazeGeneration

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