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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I've had the same problem with get bored before really feeling it. A friend of mine showed me an exercise that works pretty good.

You do a vertical lift like this picture but hold a dumbbell between your feet. I use a 17 or 20 lb weight and it gives me a good burn fast. I also do decline crunches on the max angle with a 35 lb weight on my chest. I don't go all the way up and down but hold about half way up and more like roll my abs forward to isolate them. Just a thought! Good for you for looking after yourself..balance is everything, the spiritual, intellectual and physical.
Nice work!

I think I will do just that today. The big problem I have is that it tends to hit my lower back before it hits my abs. However, I am taking that as a sign that I need to do more back work(to add to the ab work and the pec work and the, you get the idea).

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
This makes me smile. This is such a guy thing, to have the need to fix it and make it better. I will be complaining about something to my husband, when all of a sudden I realize that I had better tell him that I don't want him to try and fix it, I just need someone to listen to me babble on. It can get really creepy when it is your kids trying to fix whatever you are complaining about .

Yeah. Guilty as charged. For me a lot of it is that I am a "fixer" by nature. A lot of problems I've gotten into in past relationships has been because I want to make as many things as possible "ok" for the people I'm with. In the case of my SO, she has fibromyalgia which means that she is not "ok" as a rule, will probibly never be "ok" and nothing I can do will ever make her "ok". This does make me more indifferent in regards to her and other's discomfort but it also makes it harder when things aren't going well for her.
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