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Originally Posted by FormerUnicorn View Post
Or that they can appreciate my body as well. I'm very invested in being everything I just described about myself because I feel like I'm compensating for my appearance in some way. Which is to say that I feel comfortable in my own skin, but when I think about what other people's reactions may be to me I feel a huge disconnect. Yeah, I should probably work on that too.

I'm really identifying with inlovewith2's discussion of the importance of sex and AnotherBo hit the nail right on the head when we were talking earlier. I really think I need to experience some of that positive feedback from a person other than my husband. I need to feel that I'm desirable to someone other than my husband. Don't get me wrong, I love what I have with my husband, and it's very fulfilling. But I also need to be reminded that desire for me isn't just a product of love and years of rewarding work.
I was reading this and it was like a light bulb went on! Yes exactly how I have been feeling. It also explains why I sort of (ok not sort of) rushed things and pushed so hard. Wish I had thought of this before I made such an idot of myself.
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