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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I can not tell you how many men on ok cupid who have approached me, have themselves listed as straight, but can't wait to tell me how freeking bisexual they are once we start chatting. I guess because I am listed as bi, they think I won't judge. Some men have told me that when, in the past, they have confessed to having sucked a cock to a new (straight) woman they are dating, she is turned off and does not want to continue the relationship. So sad.

Are these women turned off because of the men "having sucked a cock", or because they misrepresented themselves as "straight"? I for one don't reckon too much on going through life worrying about how other people judge me, but that's just me. Perhaps that is why I am not concerned about whether or not it "looks" like I'm judging other people... because I don't think they should give a damn what I think.
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