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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
I've been lurking for a while. It's time to post.

I'm a 49 year old (my birthday is Monday) hetero female who was in a mono relationship for many years. BK and I broke up, two years ago. Via the Internet, he met & started dating a married woman who lives many states away (Bar). I knew they were flirting shamelessly online, but it never dawned on me...


So I'm just a celebate hetero female. Currently uninvolved, just watching.. learning, and taking notes.

This seems clever... just open your mind to "other styles" other beaviours...

It is probable that you will be attracted towards someone, that you may include in your life (and you in his/her life...).

As soon as you notice this attraction.. let it come, accept it, use it, ride on it... and you will calmly accept other beauties that life may bring to you.

and last but not least, you will also bring happiness.. to another person...
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