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Smile I fall in love with people, not bodies = correct

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Pshaw. Says the boring monosexual!

I dislike both the bi and pan labels, but one has to pick something and I fall in love with people, not bodies.
your idea is correct, this is the "clever way"...
hormonal/sensual/sexual pleasures are "just a part of the pleasure".

But we are "more than an animal/vegetable", we have a "more comples brain" taht enables conversation betweee clevernesses, although different (like a fork and a knife...)

It is a real pleasure (before/after sex) to climb with other one to "intellectual montains", whatever they may be (art, science, discussion about anything, building a project, etc)

And SOME people are better, have more skills/generosity/knowledges on those fileds.

So they are a pleasure.. to love....
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