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Default tangled web of poly?

So I am currently in a V (fmf) with a couple and I am free to date others. Tonight, I took advantage of that as a guy that i know from my university asked me out. Turned out that my couple and their friends had been planning on going to the same movie theater so I had him come along with us. Now, my date is one of the close childhood friends of my SO's wife but neither he nor any of my couple's friends know that we're dating. After the movie, he and I hung out for a little while and he expressed to me that he had a good time and wanted to hang out again. I feel awkward because while I do enjoy hanging out with him, I'm not sure that I have romantic feelings for him and I don't wish to stop dating O. I don't think that any of us would feel comfortable sharing our relationship with him given his connection to her family. I don't really know what to do. I mean, even if I do hang out more with him, when would I express the situation and how do I explain it w.o sounding psychotic given that I can't tell him who it is that i'm dating. And I hate telling guys that I don't want to date them period. He's a cool person and I do think I'd enjoy a friendship with him. Who knows, maybe feelings could develop organically? What to do....
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