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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post
The main issue, in "religion maters" is BRAIN WASHING...

The amount of FALLACIES (misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning in argumentation) said by "believers" is as huge as simple to destroy. I do it since a long time.

I would just suggest you (and any others) to assist to some "special conferences-debates"...

BUT, to discuss here about such "proofs" is irrelevant...

I am here to "talk poly", nothing more, even if sometimes I smile a little bit when "believers" ...hum... sell their god... sell their prayers... sell their sacred books... sell their priests/imams/prophets/gurus/beliefs...

I decide on my side to STOP on this subject. This would not respect the "main guide line" of the "poly forum".
Cute. I bring arguments supported by things anyone can look up and confirm. You decide to question my judgement without any supporting arguments whatsoever....

Clever way to back out of an argument you don't have the information to defend. I think I've made my point here.
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