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For me, the first and biggest issue with people who have differing views about the Bible is that it is a heavily retranslated text between languages that are so different that large gaps of meaning exist in the wording. Most current translations of the Bible (in English) are built from earlier English texts, which were translated from even older Latin, which came from Greek and Aramaic (new testament), and Hebrew (old testament). Even the first verse, taken from the literal Hebrew reads more like "In creating, God created the Heavens and the Earth."

Hebrew is especially problematic to translate when dealing with emotions and the many abstract concepts that exist in the Bible. The idea of a literal translation after all these years even in the original language is hard to imagine, let alone translated numerous times through various languages.

By the way, maybe this was already said, (I skipped a page) but the website has some good information, for example the original Hebrew word for what we translate as adultery was more of a property crime than a sexual one, it means to have sex with another man's wife without his permission.
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