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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post
It is rather simple to demonstrate that

god is a human invention,
a scientific absurdity,
invented by hypocrits
to dominate ignorants/unclevers

It takes around
2 hours of astrophysics
2 hour of elementary physics/chemistry
2 hours of humanity history
2 hours of "religion comparison"
2 hours of psychoanalysis/philosophy
... and the simple ability to listen "heavy critics"

You may take inscription to my trainings on this subject, whatever the religion you have "learned" in your youth.

99% of the attendees (even muslims...) leave the religion in the same week.

Ha ha.... this is absurd. I've actually studied most of these - astrophysics being the only one I haven't studied to some degree or another - and Not a single one, or all of them combined, can "prove" that God, Allah, YHWH, or whatever other label or name you want to slap on the divine, is false. In fact, several of the 'facts' these studies teach can be used to "prove" that deity is real.

Most scientific studies simply cannot explain many of the things I have experienced firsthand in my life. Many other people can say the same thing, regardless of which particular religion they subscribe to.

Personally, I'll take this argument one step further, and state that several of the current theories of quantum physics dovetail PERFECTLY with magickal theory that has existed since the 1800s, when the Golden Dawn was active and researching pretty much everything they could get their hands on. Examples include the Double Slit theory, Planck Time, and others.

Add to this the fact that there is DOCUMENTED, RECORDED EVIDENCE that proves the fact that injured and/or sick people who are prayed over by friends/family who truly believe in their religion, recover faster than people with the same illness/injury that recieve no prayer. The interesting thing here (at least to me) is that the particular religion of the person praying has absolutely no difference on the effect. In other words, it doesn't matter if the praying person is calling on God, Jesus, Allah, Mohhammad, Jehovah, or the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, the effect is the same - faster recovery for their loved one than if they hadn't recieved prayer.

Science does not determine what is and is not reality. It is merely a means for the human mind to try to codify, label, and define the world around them. Personally, I believe that it is the absolute height of arrogance to believe that just because we can't explain something or understand it through the 'scientific method', then that must mean it isn't real or doesn't exist. Hell, a mere 8 centuries ago, it was commonly believed that the world was flat. It couldn't be proven that the world was round at that point, but that certaintly doesn't mean that the world WAS flat. It just means that we, as human beings, didn't know any better yet.

It both amuses and irritates me the way some people hide behind 'the scientific method' to justify the belief that things they don't want to accept or deal with simply don't exist. That rationale is both arrogant, and completely un-scientific unto itself.
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