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Default Buddhist Thoughts

If I have a religion (something in doubt at this point) it's Buddhism, but I've come to understand Buddhism as having many paths and many levels. The one most people see is all about self-denial and discipline, or at least that's the way it's interpreted. I think that's a Christian interpretation of Buddhism and a way to explain what it looks like, in terms westerners already know. But Buddhism has very ancient roots, in beliefs which were extremely shamanic, and the early forms thought of passion as a route to enlightenment and not a trap or a distraction. Loving more instead of loving less probably is more effective if you're looking for truth. I don't know that I've explained that very well but it looks pretty sensible from here. Many of the rules we now associate with Buddhist practice were set in place after the core experience of Gotama, and that probably wasn't the first core experience or the first human reaction to it. The rules of the Sangha came about to foster order in the "Buddhist family" of people who came together to practice and pursue high ideals. One of the first rules was "no kids" because kids are disruptive, lots of other rules got put into place after that. In some countries monks aren't allowed to touch money or women because in older times monks had a reputation for abusing those privileges. But it was just a way of keeping order, and sexuality was considered a viable spiritual path in older days, still is in some traditions. I think I wandered way off topic, meant to say something like, I'm Buddhist. Mostly.

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