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Originally Posted by RazeGeneration View Post
I'm a bit confused by the bi and pan ppl that don't like labels. if the label describes you, what's the issue?
Ahhhh ... the bi label! Am I confused? Perhaps I'm just transitioning! I have a male fiancÚ and a boyfriend, so I can't like girls THAT much ... (Meanwhile, women are almost exclusively what I "check out.") Wait, no, I just like to get drunk and make out with girls.

I've had lesbians not take me seriously, many straight people don't get it, and some guys just see the easy half of a threesome.

So, the label describes me (I don't consider it as excluding trans people, since I view them as whatever sex they identify with), but I don't like strangers using it, or defining myself to strangers that way ...

I guess the best example I can come up with might be when I'm around my male gay friends ... occassionally one of them will do something very stereotypically "gay" which either results in they themselves, or someone in the group calling them a fag. Or they describe something they've done and how they're such a fag for it. But none of them would ever introduce themselves to someone as a "fag".

We can define the labels all we want, but we can't change what other people associate them with.
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