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Red face

Originally Posted by Indigomontoya View Post
to which TP replied "You move so fucking slow!" this outright pissed me off, because it's my pace and my life.
Ah, I am still sorry for that one. It's your slower pace that allows you to put up with a fiancée who most closely resembles a squirrel, strung out on meth. You ground me, my love.

Can I rephrase it to "They move so fucking slow??" Don't they know what they're missing out on??

Originally Posted by Indigomontoya View Post
on a tangent to end this, I am completely good with TP going out, didn't phase me in the yay for progress.
*hug* Thank you. The extra time was greatly appreciated by both of us, and it's only better knowing you're not sitting at home feeling crappy.
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