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I am straight. I am poly. I love and embrace change as it is inevitable. Granted the OP does use the phrase, "almost all" which shows that he's not making it an absolute. So I suppose I get to be one of the exceptions to his statement.

I also agree with freeantigone, that men are less likely to come out as bi because it is not as "acceptable" socially as a bi female. If you look at the porn industry that really shows. Finding MF, MFF, FF, and MFM (male on female only) stuff is easy, finding MM is a little more specialized but also relatively easy. But if you look for MMF, where there is also male on male sex, it is a lot more difficult, or at least does not come up as often. Of course, this is just from my own searching/viewing experience which may not be as extensive as others.

Phoenix762: Really? Mind, I can count on one hand the sexual partners I've been with (yeah, I'm as vanilla as they come) but...seems they want to try anal sex at least once.
And also as she(?) said, a lot of men are less likely to have anal sex with women for fear of being thought of as closeted gay. Not all men, not even most men.

OP: Furthermore (no insult, no offense, it is just something I noticed), bisexual women are "more clever" and "more generous", and have a faster brain.
Also going to have to be an exception to this. Not insulted or offended, I just happen to be an exception.
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