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Default Greetings from the Wastelands!

Hi! I'm Jimmy, currently in an open relationship with a track record of about seven years and still going. My partner began a relationship with a distant friend a few months ago and probably will be leaving to get married when the red tape gets cleared up (moving overseas). Sad from my end of it, but in most ways I understand it and don't disagree, so it's a peaceful change. Not something I expected, though.

I've been in several poly relationships over the years, or possibly technically that's just one, and I've enjoyed reading some of the posts here about the issues that arise -- they're familiar. What I've found most difficult is the logistics of it all, poly people seem really busy and even with the best of intentions there are a lot of planned connections that don't turn out as planned. In spite of the problems, the people I've met in this way have been the nicest people in my life, sometimes so nice it's been hard to accept the good fortune. Makes you feel like "something's got to go wrong here."

At this point in my life I'm considering becoming the wise hermit, but would like to stay in touch with open-minded people. I've never been wise before but I think I might become accustomed to it if given enough time.

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