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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I like the connections with nature, I like the respect for the solstices and seasons, a little freaked by the rituals and costumes.
What about the rituals do you find freaky?

Costumes? I never wear a costume when performing or taking place in a ritual. I mean, at Samhain (Halloween), I might, everyone wears costumes then! At Yule, I wear a pretty velvet dress.

Some people wear robes, but then, so do Catholic priests and some nuns.

A few groups go skyclad sometimes, but not up here in New England! Brrr... A pagan friend of mine in Georgia reports some people get somewhat naked, but it's damn hot down there! And in that group, a party with alcohol heats thing up further.

I've seen some people dress as the Holly King (like Santa) or the Green Man, cool and leafy.

Most of the northern pagan holidays/rituals have been co-opted by the Catholic church or the culture at large. Ever wonder why groundhog day is such a big deal? It's Imbolc. Easter? Ostara. Mother's Day/May Day? Beltane. Christmas and a week later, New Years Eve? Yule!
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