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Thanks GS, that's why I asked what Pagan looks like in practical terms. In Wikipedia the info is so diverse that it's almost unhelpful.

For some reason I'm wondering if you're vegetarian? I suppose it's the respect for the spirit of the animal and in our society there is very little of that in meat processing.

Strangely my eldest daughter "came out" at the age of 12 as wiccan. She took it very seriously and it was a huge deal as she was at a conservative christian girls school at the time. It lasted a year or so and now she's back to being a born again christian, but I learned quite a bit.

Then my second daughter was very different and we sent her to a Rudolf Steiner school. So I learned all about elementals and biodynamics.

I'm trying to work out where all this is going as I write. I guess, I have an interest but the subject it so diverse that it is really hard to get a handle on it that is relatively simple and works in normal society. I like the connections with nature, I like the respect for the solstices and seasons, a little freaked by the rituals and costumes.

Do you know of any good links, like "neopaganism for dummies"?
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