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Smile I prefer a BISEXUAL woman, why ?


this always astonished me...
I said "above", that I noticed that a BISEXUAL woman is "more sensitive/clever/faster".

Well it may be a "perspective error", I am PERHAPS more sensitive to those kind of women.... some of the women I have LOVED are bisexual...

I noticed also that this behavior "facilitates" a "polyfamily".

ok, ok... if you are NOT bisexual, you may still be a perfect candidate for "my family"...
.. the most important remains : know to "deep love", this is the number one request.

Anyhow, we are all different like a fork and a knife... (try to eat rice or noodles with a fork, and to cut meet with a fork... )

but this huge difference enables that "together" we may better eat
... the dish of LIFE
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