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Default The end of the beginning

So last night my wife and I went to visit B and H at their home. We both were a bundle of nerves and energy. B's idea was that this would be a non-sexual play, just talk and fun. As usual B and my wife and I had texted back and forth during the day and our nervousness was palpable.

We got to their home. B had been worried all day about how their home might look to us. It is beautiful! And it's filled with cats, which my wife adores. They showed us around, and the four of us talked about trivial things while we sat around a fire in the backyard. I was being good and keeping my hands away from was my wife. Eventually the conversation turned to the four of us, to our future. H looked nervous, and wanted us to go inside.

When we went inside, to our surprise, both of them started opening up. It wasn't surprising so much to hear B talk about her fears and desires, but it was to hear H start talking. Later on B said that "this is the first time he has been able to talk about these things with someone other than me." Then my wife and I started opening up as well...and the night stretched long into the morning. Clothes stayed resolutely on, but minds and emotions were laid bare!

At some point B sat next to me and our arms reached around each other. We chatted and laughed for a while, then B shyly suggested that "you might like to see some of my books." Of course, I said. We walked into another room and B started talking about literary pursuits. Then our eyes met, and we threw our arms around each other and kissed passionately. I asked B how she felt about me. She smiled. "More than a crush." Care to elaborate? "Not yet." We kissed some more. We rejoined my wife and H. Soon afterward B and my wife also "went to look at some books." H told me "I know what they're doing!" But at the same time he said it was ok. He knew B was falling for us, and he admitted that it was scary but he was fine with it. B joined me to look at books a second time later on....

B and H and my wife and I talked till early this morning. We'd intended to go home, but it was so late H invited us to crash at their place. We did, sleeping on their sofa. They were just so friendly and kind and caring and generous to us, it was almost overwhelming.

We only slept a few hours. Early this morning B came back from swimming (!) and the three of us chatted. B said that "everything had gone so much better than she had expected." H was still nervous about our relationship, and wanted to take things very slowly, but the fact that he was so open to us was a major step forward to her. It was a wonderful chat, the three of us holding hands and cuddling as we talked. Later B took a shower, leaving the door open as she did, and playfully called my name. I looked in to see her naked and dripping with water. It was an act of supreme strength to not tear off my clothes and join her! But later she called me in again after she had dried off. This time I did join her...but just to kiss her again and press against her naked body. "More than a crush," she whispered again to me.

B and H and my wife and I went to breakfast which I treated them to. H had to go to work, but he suggested that maybe B and my wife and I could return home to talk. Well, did we ever...we sat on the sofa, B between my wife and I, and chatted....all the while tugging at each others' clothes and kissing and running hands over bodies while reminding ourselves to keep it "non-sexual." Everything but though! My wife agreed that the sexual tension between B and I was feverish and life-affirming and just plain fun to watch...but B let her know (and not just with words) that she felt just as drawn sexually and emotionally to my wife. We were three powder kegs primed to explode...but somehow we kept ourselves just in check.

It was almost time for my wife and I to go. The three of us went to the kitchen, and B and I looked at each other with undisguised lust. "Maybe...I need to see if we left something upstairs," my wife said. When she got up there B threw herself at me...literally crashing against me as she kissed me as passionately as I've ever been kissed. I could not stop myself from running my hand under her skirt and...well. My wife returned and said "I can't find anything upstairs...maybe you can!" with a wink. I forced myself to go for a while...and sneaked down the stairs to watch B and my wife kissing as passionately as we had earlier. The three of us then embraced and traded kisses. B whispered "more than a crush" again, and I whispered it back. My wife wanted to know what that might mean. B blushed visibly, then told us. But I can't tell you yet. It was so hard to leave.

So now my wife and I are here almost drunk on NRE and wanting to see B and H again. Now. As in "30 minutes from now isn't soon enough." As in "we will not be functional until we hear from them again."

And so that was the end of the beginning. A new day is dawning for us all. Thank you for reading so far...
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