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It's been a busy week. I started a temporary job about an hour away from my house. The up side is that I get to spend the commute with my husband, so we get about 2.5 hours more a day with one another (Quality time is a primary love language for both of us). The down side is that we've been incredibly social this week, so we have not been getting the sleep we need, nor have I had the time to really cook or clean.

Ideally, the weekend would have been free to rest and relax, but it hasn't turned out that way at all. Honestly, I'm not too upset by that.

Today I'm meeting up with AnotherBo, who's driving the many hours for something unrelated and we're simply taking advantage of the situation. I'm looking forward to talking with him. I'm also meeting a girlfriend for some quick shopping afterward. My brother-in-law will be over until about seven this evening hanging out with my husband, but the late evening should be completely free.

Which is good, cause I have plans to get up and do the hour drive into Anchorage in order to meet another friend for lunch, and then it's my brother's 21 birthday party. It should be really fun, but man, no sleep for the wicked.

To top it off, I met with someone new last night for some conversation and dinner. We hit it off amazingly well, and I was out from nine until about 5am. Amongst other things, we discussed alternate lifestyles, and Seth seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say about my polyamory. At one point during the discussion he he expressed interest in seeing more of me and exploring the connection we have discovered.

That had not been my reason for meeting with Seth, but I can't deny that it is a very exciting proposition. I invited him over on Tuesday to meet Mr. Unicorn and to have dinner and watch an Eddie Izzard DVD. We shall see how it goes!
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