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Today is our 11th anniversary.

I woke up from a horrific dream where my husband and I had travelled along distance with our children to visit his family and long time friends. I thought everything was going great, when they all went into a meeting.

When they came out, hubby took me aside and said "this is what's wrong with you. Please change this. I love you and will help you change"

I broke down in tears - crying that I hated this place, I wanted to go home. He stroked my head and held me and said VERY lovingly "I know you do hun. Just make the changes and you'll be happy again"

NOT a good dream.

We had a HUGE fight last night - although by the end of it realized that the fights are shorter, and resolved quicker. If nothing else good happens out of this journey - our communication skills are becoming phenomenal and that will only serve to strengthen us and our marriage.

Get the fight done, we're both ok at the end of it. I go out and get rather drunk. (it was a planned night out with a friend -including the getting drunk part LOL) I get home and we have some REALLY good conversation.

He tells me that the girl we play with casually - he doesn't want to do anything beyond BDSM play with her. I'm in agreeance - now we just have to find a way to tell her -it really has nothing to do with her - but we'd like to still be friends - we enjoy her company.

I asked for a couple things with regards to his relationship that he's going on. Probably not the best timing to ask - but it was on my mind and I needed to get it out. We'll discuss it further as my questions were more of a generality and I need to get some specifics nailed down. But not today And I'm pretty freaking ok with that Normally I would be pushing for conversation NOW because its swirling around in my head. But I'm good with that

We have a full day planned. Shopping, farmers market and my mom will be here later. I want to take the boys "somewhere" for fun hiking/climbing stuff - but as I just watched dh take his pain meds (he has Tramacet he has for when his pain days are REALLY bad) if I want to spend the day with dh, I will have to forgo that. We'll find something fun to do at home I think...

Everything is good. Its great. I feel incredibly connected to my husband - and am just really happy today
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