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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I didn't realize there were so many pagans around. What does being pagan mean in practical terms these days? I still have visions of people prancing around forests half naked searching for mushrooms, but I sure it's more about a connection with nature.

Well Sage, "paganisim" is about as broad a brush as you could find but I think in general you are more or less on the right track.
There's as many flavors of paganisim as there are colors in the rainbow but if you choose to investigate more, I suspect you will find that there is still a strong foundation in animism. Which goes a bit beyond a respect and reverence for 'nature' because nature is slippery to define - kind of another broad brush itself.
But one common element I suspect you will find is some acknowledgement that everything around us is alive and interwoven. Whether you approach this from a faith/understanding perspective or from such as a direction of quantum physics makes little difference. The connections are acknowledged and respected in some form.

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