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Maybe there is too much focus on the idea of the first time or knowing the specific day it happens. I have no idea when Redpepper and Derby became physical. All I needed to know is that they were exploring an intimate relationship. If they were doing that then I naturally assumed sexual activity will occur. The details and times of that activity are not something I need or want to's between them. (I'm a bit of a privacy nut to the point of assuming everyone feels the same about intimate details LOL. I realize not everyone has the same sense of ownership over experiences and info.)

The same idea applies to her other love (tertiary is the word I guess but it lacks in meaning), they have been sexual in the past and probably will be in the future; he's with a mono girlfriend right now so they are "on hold". I don't need to know when they resume the physical aspect of their relationship nor do I want to know...I just know it is part of that relationship.

Now Polynerdist is a different story all together! While I certainly don't need to know every time they have sex, I do like hearing that they are enjoying a healthy and exciting sex life.

I remember when my ex wife went to a mutual friends house to possibly explore a sexual relationship with her. I helped her get ready and held the door for her. After 10 minutes of thinking "wow, she's gonna have sex with another woman!" I got sick and had a horrible night. Perhaps if I hadn't of focussed so much on that particular night and we hadn't made such a big deal of what was planned to happen I would have been much better.

I hope some of this made sense...gotta go pick RP's son up and get camping!!

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