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Feeling "off" today.

I had an amazing experience with dh and our play date last night - then we all tumbled into bed and I misunderstood something - there was a lack of communication and I felt once again left out.

Woke up this morning, had a conversation with him about it - and we cleared it up, sorta. His perceptions are different than my perceptions so... BLAH.

Realized today that 13 years ago, I met him - he was with his c/l wife of 12-ish years at that time.

We got together in Feb of 1998 - and 2 weeks after we got together he left his common law wife of 13 years for the woman he was sleeping with.... ME.

Now - he's 12 1/2 years into a relationship with me (married 11 tomorrow!!) and I wonder... does the TIMING off all this have anything to do with my inability to handle this well?

Ah well - I'm not losing my mind today - and I've managed to express my discomfort with something in a healthy way - although he took it defensively... *sigh* gotta love texting as a way of communication

Tonight is girls night out - tomorrow is my anniversary My mom is coming to hang out with us, and my daughter will be there on Sunday. Sunday night I'm supposed to go see Terri Clark in concert. Overall, a REALLY great weekend starting in 10 minutes when my friend picks me up for lunch
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