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Originally Posted by jennjuice View Post
I also know I'll be jealous!! Not to the point that I won't want them to, because I very much do. More along the lines of I have it planned that I'll have a few beers and take my butt to bed that night.
How about going out, to a movie, or shopping, or to dinner with a friend? That way you're not moping around drunk trying to not pay attention to the heavy breathing and bumping going on in the next room.

I mean, shit, I don't know what your living quarters are like, but it seems to me that you're beating yourself up unnecessarily if you stay there and have to drink yourself to sleep in order to deal with it. Go drinking somewhere else, and have a GOOD time instead of a tolerable time.

Besides, how will you feel when the tables are turned, if your man was inches or feet away under the same roof wishing he could go in there and join you.

Get yourself out of the house the first time, then talk about it afterwards. Eventually, it won't be that big of a deal.

I must say that it surprises me that you haven't had sex with each other separately already. I thought your relationship was stable and "normalized". But then again, I don't read every single thread on here so I'm probably just under-informed of my own fault.
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