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Default How do you handle that "first time"?

And by first time, I mean the first time that your SO is with someone else sexually without you there?

In our situation we're a triad so we all share and share alike. I have mixed feelings on her and him being alone.

I do want it for them. I know it'll make them that much closer. I know it'll build their relationship that much more. I know it's a good thing.

I also know I'll be jealous!! Not to the point that I won't want them to, because I very much do. More along the lines of I have it planned that I'll have a few beers and take my butt to bed that night.

Anyway, I'm just wondering how everyone else has handled the green monster.

PS...yes I'll have time with her alone also, it's not that, it's more just a question to see how everyone deals with the first encounter of jealousy.
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