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Things are going pretty ok.

Just got just under a 3% salary raise at work which will take effect Oct 1.

Even though it is getting harder I'm still going to the gym at least twice a week. I'm only hurting 70%-80% of the time, although I found out that I am not doing my pecs and back as much as I should, and I am having problems pushing my abs enough for soreness. I'm looking at increasing the amount of time doing cardio to a 1/2 an hour a day on top off the 3x a week weight training.

I'm finding that working out is producing some personality changes in me. I'm a bit more high strung and agressive than I was previously. I'm also feeling a lot more sexual than I did in the past. I see this as a liability as it makes me a lot more vulerable to crushes than I was previously.

I need to do more spiritual practice and research. I'll start that up again tonight with any luck.

I'm still having to help a lot of people through challenges. One person is going through situational depression, another is going through harsh life circumstances, and a third is dealing with moving. I'm trying my best not to let their depression pull me down and most days I do ok. I hate feeling powerless to help people that I care about.

It's kindof odd but in some small way I feel like I can sympathize with a lot of the mono/poly couples. Even though in my case I'm not mono as much as I got tired of banging my head against the wall, the result is still the same on a practical level. I spend a fair amount of time away from my SO and have to divide my time between a number of people as well as social obligations. It can be lonely and not easy sometimes.

Sometimes I wish that I could have an OSO, even a casual one. Maybe someday.
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