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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
My hubby has long hair, a little past the shoulders, and he is definitely not gay...I don't know where this long hair=gay thing comes from really. lol

That being said, I'd say go with the shoulder length, it would look good. I'm not a fan of dreads (making it 3-3) but you may be surprised at how different your hair behaves when longer/shorter. I had about 13 inches hacked off my hair and it's now the same length as my hubby's and it behaves very differently than when it went down to my rear.

And I think what JRiver is saying about the "making a deal with someone" is you are making a deal with yourself 5-10-15-50 years down the road. You will have to live with the body modifications for the rest of your life, that is why some people encourage you to be absolutely sure about what and where you do them before doing them. Worse case scenarios, think gang members and their tats, they don't go away, they can sometimes be altered (I know someone who had a tat on his arm altered from a woman giving a guy a BJ to an eagle...very nice work and if you look hard you can just kinda make out the old tat.) and new technology can supposedly remove it, although I haven't seen the final results, it costs a lot of money. Also, a really cool tat when you are young can look really really bad when you are older as your body shape changes.

Not saying, don't get it done, just make sure you know exactly what you are doing...
I dont gotta worry about my tongue getting old and droopy. The holes in my lips and eyebrow will close if i want them to, the only real problem is the tats. I was gonna get the heart (and make it black) to symbolize the realtionship with my mother. It was literally a love hate relationship. I loved her but i also hated her for everything she did to me.
Because sometimes when you love something, you need to let it go..
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