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Smile Coming Out (again)

I came out to a good friend this morning, whom we'll call S. She's a very open-minded person, and mono. She used to be a coworker, but got a better job. She also lives with a current coworker of mine, whom we'll call W. I'd say he's her boyfriend, but they're so much more connected than that might imply. Everyone who knows them KNOWS they will be together for the rest of their lives.

The following conversation happened after I actually told her:
TP says:
I assume anything you know, W knows, so no big deal.
S says:
If it were something you did not want anyone to know, I would not tell W. He does think you have an open relationship though. And honestly, I don't know why either of us thought/knew that.
TP says:
Haha. That's kind of funny! :P
S says:
I think just based on comments you guys have thrown around.

So I am very happy. They are both wonderful people, and if there is ever any question of the commitment Indigo and I have to each other, they would certainly defend us.

Much relief. I'm glad it's just sort of assumed by my friends. Even if it's the wrong label, it's "close enough" for me at this point. (Though I did explain the difference to S. )
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