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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
well, he technically has a male partner idealist, but he hasn't been around all summer... I don't get how his relationships work. I would never let something like that slide. He just kind of is doing his own thing and not a part of PN's life. I would be on that and asking what is going on, why haven't you contacted me, when shall we see each other again. I'm definitely learning another side of poly through how he conducts his relationships. I notice quite often people just disappear. I get invested very quickly, I could not be okay with that or do that.
Agreed! But to each their own. IF it is working for him, then that is good.

However, you have mentioned that he has a tendency to isolate himself, so perhaps allowing people to disappear is a symptom of this and something to be considered?

Just a thought. I know I crawl into my shell when I most need others. It happens so gradually I don't always see it.
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