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Originally Posted by swfltriad View Post
Wow, this is all very good information! We're in our planning stages for our ceremony. But, we're looking for someone to officiate it, does anyone have any ideas or tell us what they did?
As corny as it may seem, I recently got "ordained" through an online church. The ordination isn't attached to any specific denomination, belief system, etc. I can refer to myself as "Rev. Dragonflysky" or even "Goddess Dragonflysky".......or any number of titles. Anyhow, many States legally recognize these types of ordinations under the auspices of "religious freedom". You just have to register your license/ordination with the State to perform wedding ceremonies, etc. That's not why I did it, but I've known others that have done this in order to officiate at the wedding ceremony of friends and family members.
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