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Getting excited for the camping trip this weekend. My initial reasons for going to this trip were a mixture of interest and friendship. I was at a stage when I first thought of going, where I was walking away from poly thinking I had found the most unique situation I could find and would never find anything better, or even anything beyond what I had.

Things couldn't be further from the truth, I remained open to...possibility. As a kinky a sexual person and a loving person I left myself open to the possibility of anything. My mind has been blown and my idea of what I wanted is out the window.

So now I walk into this camping trip with Pengrah crushing on another man and myself finding myself enthralled much more, with Superjast. i come into this more poly than I thought I could be, if poly can be measured and at the same time more curious than ever. I want to know people who accept what is happening in my life with .. well acceptance.

I have people accepting it as a a "well its your life, you are happy, I don't do it myself but enjoy" to people jealous because I get to bang two chicks (sarc here...its usually just the first thought) to people playing ignorant and just plain ignoring me about it.

Its going to be good to sit around with people I can openly talk with and just be me in regards to poly. ...I welcome that...

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