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or example, it's not illegal to be poly, like at has been illegal to be gay or is illegal to practice most forms of sadomasochism.
Well, in the US at least, in all states it is illegal to commit polygamy but not polyamory. In some states, it is also "outlaws all forms of cohabitation"... is not illegal according to the federal govt. though I did find this note interesting: "The Model Penal Code recommends that state legislatures write their laws so that polygamy is classified as a felony. However, some state laws are much more lenient. Despite the laws, polygamy is rarely prosecuted unless in conjunction with another crime such as child abuse."

I found this in regards to Canada on Wikipedia (no, I didn't check the actual code)"...under the Criminal Code of Canada. Under s 293(a), everyone who enters into any form of polygamy or any "conjugal union with more than one person at a time" is guilty of an offense..."

Sorry for the quote craze...just been finding interesting little tidbits about the legalities of polygamy and polyamory. But so far your deduction is about right, recognition of multiple partners and all the legal benefits seems to be the biggest hurdle in the poly legal realm.

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