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I do the same thing -- "my" weekends are Tuesdays & Wednesdays -- I drive up to their home when I get off work on Tues am (about 7:30am) -- I have a key to the home & code to the alarm system! When I'm here, he stays with me in the guest room! He refers to me as a "partner", not a girl friend. He dates a couple of other women but just here & there. His wife has a lover she's had for over 40 yrs.! She & I get a long great! Like someone said -- this is not only normal but desired! It's great when folks get along! When the 3 of us decide to watch a movie, she & I sit in the recliners & he sits on the floor so he can touch both of us! We've also gone on dates -- the 3 of us! He sits in the middle so he can hold our hands or arms around shoulder! It's great -- he makes both of us feel special!
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