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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Thanks to you both. I can totally are why you would leave M. Why'd it take so long!? Kids?
Partly for the kids. Partly just because I am so damn stubborn and loyal. Leo that I am.

I seem to remember you home schooled. What a shot to the heart that you did all that and now your middle child is struggling.
Well, she was born different. I remember when she was 3 and tantruming so much more than the average kid, I feared she'd end up self medicating when she got older. It's Borderline Personality Disorder. She suffers so much anxiety, it's heartbreaking.


It never ends does it. All this giving to children. We really have little control over how things turn out, even when we give them our all it seems. I don't know how you did it. I just have one and would really struggle being home to home school.
Well, we unschooled, so we werent actually home all that much. We were very engaged in the community, and in various homeschooling groups. All the parents collaborated to facilitate our childrens' education. That was my chosen career and my ex supported the choice fully.

I really enjoyed the experience! I think it was easier to do w 3 kids than it would be with just one, because they often taught each other.
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