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Thanks to you both. I can totally are why you would leave M. Why'd it take so long!? Kids? I seem to remember you home schooled. What a shot to the heart that you did all that and now your middle child is struggling. It never ends does it. All this giving to children. We really have little control over how things turn out, even when we give them our all it seems. I don't know how you did it. I just have one and would really struggle being home to home school. Still, if he ever had a hard time at school that isn't solveble I would, for him.

You are right red. Its appearing to be all new. I guess the boiling pot boiled over. I have been taking breaks and not pushing as best I can. More of that I guess.

It started with Mono moving in, but when I sat down to think about the underlying need I have, its space. Really, Mono moving in was a solution to a bigger problem and would of killed two birds with one stone. One bird would be good at this point.
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