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Thanks for posting Ari.

I texted her about 10 minutes before you posted - I want to connect with her because she IS my friend as are you. And I know, or at least am coming to know that its OK for me to say "hey - this is what I need, how can we all work together to make sure no one is feeling left out here?"

There's a lot more to it - but I think it paid a large part in my meltdown on Sunday/Monday that I didn't feel like I was "allowed" to express my needs during "their" time. (all totally in my head - really I get in my own head and I am behind enemy lines)

This is a steep learning curve for me. And its not necessarily fun lessons for me but I understand that if its going to work for Wellington and I - I NEED to learn these lessons.

I thought the path was clear, maybe a few peices of deadfall I'd have to work through to go on this journey. Didn't realize I had so much underbrush I'd have to clear before being able to walk comfortably.
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