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I am a really social person...I can be alone, but it's not my favorite! My husband works out of town Monday through Thursday, sometimes Friday. Makes for long, lonely weeknights after kiddos are in bed...It sucks, but we have gotten used to it, and he does get long weekends at home with us. Our girlfriend is a teacher, so she spent a lot of nights here this summer, and it was great. Now, she's back to work, so I am readjusting to alone time. The interwebs help. And knowing that Friday we will all be together again, laughing, cooking dinner, living it up...also helpful.

Part of the reason it is SO hard for us not to tell all right now is that we are very social with a tight group of friends. Several of them have inquired about our relationship, but so far we have brushed them off. It's SO hard to hide our affection at all these events though! So for now, we hang out a lot less!
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