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I don't think you're out of line. I think you recognize the differences between where you are, where "they" are, and where your hubby is, and you don't want things to go down in flames because of impatience.

I understand it. My hubby played the balancing role with me. I was ready, impatient, and frustrated. I couldn't leave the high state without going low because NRE had me in its thrall. I was, simply put, high pressure on them and tough to deal with for him. He understood, but damn if it didn't piss him off sometimes. I can't blame him in looking back, because what I didn't see clearly enough was that it wasn't all about me. It wasn't even all about us (hubby and I). We were dealing with two different people in different places.

This could be a lengthy process for you, for both of you, learning the balance that makes the foursome work. I hope the experience brings you closer together
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