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I was seriously considering posting this on fb last night too. Do I have the hutzpah? We shall see. I am not yet practicing poly, but already a few friends know the husband and I are restructuring our mindsets on this- I just worry about the ones on there I might not want to come out to just yet.

I wonder if I could play it off as an interesting article I happened to read- but no, I would give myself away gushing responses in the comments. Quandry.

I do want to spread the word and do my little part to bring that great information to people. (the article as well as the deliciously ludicrous responses that won a point or two for poly

I know this might sound a little idealistic coming from a newbie-those of you geniuses that have been living poly for years-but it is quite exciting to be a part of a "sexual revolution." Ever since I started investigating this seriously, I have been laughing in my sleeve at all of the comments people make around you in a day that take no account of non-monogamy. I'm sure I have plenty of times. You just don't get it until you get it.

I think I may start a new thread about the revolution.....
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