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Default Kinda new here....

Hi all !!! This is the L wife to TL4everu2 I decided to make my own account so here i am LT4everu2. I hope this doesn't get confusing, like my emotions are right now !!! SO T said i should chat with you guys to see if it will help so here i am.
So i will start with my confusion..... Are you ready????
Most if not all of you know T's feelings about D and how i asked him to slow down. Alot of you on here did not understand what i was asking, nor did he i get now after a long talk last night.
You see we haven't talked to S&D for 4 months because we brought up the Poly word with them. Anyways fast forward to the 6th of this month when i said to T we should see how they are.. So we did and went to see them. I could see T was going to fast for D and Myself. So instead of letting it go the speed he was heading and upsetting D. I simply asked him to slow down to a friendship for now and let the emotions and relationship develop....
By this i was asking that he keeps the touching and flirting down for now as it was a little over whelming.
Well now i read in this site that he is falling in love with her and i am not sure D is ready for that. So go ahead and bash me and say i am controlling his emotions. I just simply see things from the side he does not. So i guess i am trying to protect him and myself from the pain. Maybe it is my jealousy??? This is where i get confused. Could this jealousy????
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