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Going at the pace of the one who is struggling the most is as frustrating as hell, but I think I have reached a patience spot today. I asked NP if I could take a look at our finances with him.... ahhhhhhh I HATE FINANCES! but I am sucking it up because I think I should know about them and besides, HE LIKES THEM! I'm being a good wife, right? Being good to my man *barf*

Also I asked him if we could plan another workshop together as we did in the spring, with the woman that we got last time. she is a communication expert and I figure that we all need more on that topic, so he is thinking about doing that with me.... something together right???

Mono got frustrated today about the whole thing as I am looking at worst case scenarios in case nothing changes... that would mean moving into a bachelor suite close by. I am hoping that spending time in the van will help NP see that it can be fine my having my own room and space away from being on top of each other. I won't be disappearing from his life and we both can better get our needs met by opening up our house to my using the suite down stairs. We shall see,..... patience RP patience. Again. At the very least I might have a better understanding of the financial burden it would cause if we don't have tenants.

This whole thing kind of reminds me of people opening up their marriages. We never did that as that is where we began, but I imagine that the push and pull feeling is similar in some way? hmmmmm.
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