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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
I've been thinking about the dreds too. My hair has always wanted to be dreds. I say if it's something you're thinking about, do it if your job situation allows it. Why not. You obviously want to and they'd look good on ya. A shaved head would probably also look good on ya, which is the point where we differ on this hair question.

Just roll em tight and keep em clean, man.

The job only lasts till the end of this month unfortunately. Then i go back to school. My school doesnt have any policies on funky hairstyles to my knowlage, only beef is my great aunt.

I cant do half the shit i want to do because i live here. It sucks but fuck it, what am i gonna do? Im trying to sort everything i wanna get done for when i move out, its gonna be my treat to myself for making it through everything i went through still sane. So far i got *gets out list* Tongue peircing, possibly eyebrow, dreads, shitlot of tatoos, motorcycle, and maybe snake bites.
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