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Well this is turning into something that I'm having trouble handling. Even though I'm not trying to handle it alone.

My wife and B met up and spent a nice day together. A friendly day in public, a lot of teasing affection. I think they've rather fallen for each other. And last night she talked to B and H for over an hour. B and I have agreed to talk tomorrow, and the four of us are meeting up for a friendly get together on Friday.

So what is wrong? Oh it just feels like every move is fraught with worry! Just last night: B was in tears because she worried about something that might hurt me. My wife was too nervous to let me talk. B and H worried we might not like their lifestyle. And I worried about all four of us.

I know it's time for all of us to calm down, to take things slower. But it's not an easy thing to do in any circumstance , let alone when the attraction between B and my wife and I is so. ..there. B wants us to dial back and not mention the "p-word" or our mutual crushes in front of H who's not ready. And my wife wants me to keep my hands off B, which I can (just) do. I WANT to be friends with B and H because I truly like them as people. But I enjoy B in another way as well...I do want to hold her and talk about everything and nothing for hours. And she wants that as well...and I know she wants that. But now is not the right time.

So now, the limbo. Beautiful and scary at the same time .

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