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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I have to say I'm unclear as to what you're looking for by referencing occasional hookups...are you looking for a swingers group? We have members here who also swing in addition to having poly relationships, so perhaps they can point you in the right direction, if that's the case.

As for organized poly communities, well, those are fewer in number and trickier to find in many areas. Still, if we have other members reasonably close to you, somebody may know of a group or be interested in helping form a group.
No, we're not looking for swingers groups. (We refer to swinging as "hi, nice shoes, wanna fuck?" sex.) What we've been finding in the past has mostly been people interested in just that, or perhaps at most a "friends with benefits" relationship. There's nothing wrong with any of that, but it's not what we're interested in. As we're both geeks, and we've been somewhat housebound by toddlers for the past few years, we've mostly been looking online - and are somewhat embarrassed, to be honest, that we live in an area that has a strong and vibrant "meatspace" community that we haven't taken advantage of. We should fix that. In the meantime, the discussions here are interesting to explore.
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