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Originally Posted by happybird View Post
Quath, did you mean you HAVE told your parents and got a negative reaction?
Well, I am not sure if denial is positive or negative. She didn't want to talk about it even when I was with my two girlfriends at the time.

what's the WORST that could happen? I have read up some on the legalites of it all (kinda tries to rain on the beautiful love parade!) and I wonder if there are precautions we should take as we do start to tell people.
The main worry I have heard is issues with raising kids. There are some stories of custody battles dealing with kids where polyamory was used against one parent. But I don't think that is a huge issue overall. (But if it happens to you, then it is a huge issue.)

For the most part, you will probably just have to deal with gossip until something new comes along. Just act proud and not defensive and people will gossip over something else. (I grew up in a small town and I saw the patteern.)
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