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had my first person visit me in the van tonight...well, derby visited one night early in the spring ....didn't take long for the "me" time to end did it?!

My ex came over at around 9 looking for an ear to bend and a hug to end off her trip. We had tea in the van and chatted about what the hell I'm doing. She thinks I am crazy, as usual. So mono geesh

She also told me about the living situation she has whereby she is living to go to school with friends who are a couple. She has fallen for the woman and had a one night stand with her just before she left. She cheated with her basically. I am not surprised at all as I have seen it coming for months.

We spent a good two hours talking about what she should do... including a poly option, but she has decided that she needs to end it before it starts to protect her friendship relationship. She was surprised I considered it cheating but completely agreed. the situation would indicate that it could be seen as something other than that when they were head long into lusty horniness. She hadn't thought of it and now is going back tomorrow to correct it.

Thanks forums for helping me not blow up at her in my anger and hatred for cheating and affairs... I owe you one. You've taught me patience and tolerance... tonight I was grateful.
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