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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
As I mentioned before, I almost completed a degree in music. To add more detail to that, I'm a trained percussionist. I picked up woodwinds and brasswinds in pedagogy classes. The menagerie of instruments we have here includes a marching snare drum, a marching bass drum, a shell kit (drum set), a few darbukas, several defs, a couple of riqs, a hammered dulcimer (we're trying to sell it), a harp, an electronic keyboard, an acoustic-electric bass guitar, a bamboo flute, soprano and alto recorders, finger cymbals and other miscellaneous percussion, a marching baritone bugle, and likely something I'm forgetting.

Anybody else find that they are merely servants to their instruments?

Curly sings. The place she works has a company choir and they perform a handful of times each year. Should we ever try to work up an act and take it on the road, she'll be doing the singing while I make lots of noise.
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