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Default on coming out.

So we had a visit from NP's uncle a few weeks back. Until that time all has been quiet on the NP family front. No peep of anyone caring or even knowing that Mono and I are together and that NP knows about it and accepts it. NP's mum has been very welcoming, as has her husband. She divorced NP's dad when NP was a teen and remarried NP's best friends Dad. Very tricky. She said that she wishes this kind of life was an option way back when, because she would of agreed to such an arrangement.

Last winter Mono and I were at a concert and being all lovey and close to one another. At one point I got up to use the bathroom during a break. I stood up, turned around and who should be sitting behind me but NP's cousin. He and his fiance were shocked to say the least...! I said hi and slipped away. When I got to the bathroom I fb texted him and said that NP knew about us and that we considered ourselves poly. He replied before I even got back to my seat that he always knew we were freaks and said it was cool as long as we didn't tell his grandmother (also NP's grandmother). I agreed and smiled sheepishly when I returned to my seat.

So, the uncle comes to visit. He has heard from his sister that we are all good and that she is quite willing to accept this relationship dynamic and he is curious about Mono! They had been chatting on line a bit after he had welcomed Mono to the family and wanted to meet him. I thought it might be a good idea to invite Mono to the family BBQ that his aunt was putting on. As I didn't think anyone knew except her son and NP's immediate family, I thought it would be fine... well it wasn't really and even if I marketed Mono as a friend of the uncle, it still was not flying, so we all thought it best he not go.

BBQ happens and the brash uncle asks "where is Mono! I have been waiting to meet him and they said he was coming! Don't you guys travel in a pack now?!" Geeeeez, the jaws drop! Gandmother looks confused... cousin looks horrified and I just laugh and say, "we shall get together on Saturday, you can meet him then."

After we left that night there was a huge talk about us and what was going on. Cousin fest up about knowing, Mum had her say about not making a fuss, she thought it was a good idea. Auntie had a heart attach, but came around a bit. She objected to our pagan wedding, so this was just more to roll her eyes about and grandmother got concerned.

Grandmother called me one morning on my cell. I was in bed with Mono at the time and didn't recognize the number. She called to see how I was... and check in. Not a word was mentioned, but it made me nervous.... we shall see what happens next. I somehow think we are out of the loop and everyone is taking their stance. We shall see. I did manage to pass along to uncle that it isn't a secret for us. We are open to talking about it or not. We aren't hiding and only stayed silent to respect cousins wish to protect his grandmother... as we agreed that would be wise, we decided to respect that wish. Well, she knows now, so, all secrets are off.
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